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  - Instructions to Authors
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  - Preparation of Tables
    and Illustrations

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  - Manuscript submission


1. Tables should be drawn on separate sheets and numbered consecutively. Tabulate only essential data or data needed to illustrate or prove a point.

2. Every table should have an explanatory title and sufficient experimental detail, usually in a paragraph immediately following the title, to be intelligible without reference to the text (unless the procedure is given in the Experimental Procedures section or under another table or figure). Footnotes to tables should be identified with the italic superscript lower case (e.g., a, b, etc.), and placed at the bottom of the table.

3. Except in rare cases, the Journal will not publish the same data in two forms, such as a table and a line figure.

4. Each column should carry an appropriate heading.

5. Always indicate units of measure clearly.

6. Occasionally, complex or large tables should be submitted in "camera-ready" form. Type in single spacing with a black ribbon.

7. A complete set of figures as photomicrographic prints or line drawings on paper should accompany each copy of the manuscript. Only one set of top quality is needed for the printer; the others may be prints or photocopies, except in the case of electron photomicrographs or halftone figures where good quality prints should be supplied with each copy of the manuscript.

8. Figures should be carefully marked on the reverse side with figure number, first author's name, and orientation (top).

9. All figures will be reproduced in a single column width (8.5 cm) or less, unless there is a compelling reason to have a figure in larger size.